Industrial and energy building

Bucket elevators are designed and manufactured for long-lasting, stable performance and gentle handling of the material. Performance from 1,000 to 80,000 bu / h (2,175 mt / h). Options may include stairs, stand, platform, motion sensor and gathering tape and variability of the engine, the type of tape and buckets.


  1. Vzryvorazryaditel top
  2. Removable lining sections
  3. Dense clamped connection
  4. Increased vessel outlet
  5. Large reinforced ejector
  6. Adjustable shutter
  7. Inspection hinged door
  8. Tension bolt bearing
  9. Durable Area
  10. Robust motor frame
  11. Special payment head shaft
  12. UHMW shaft seal
  13. Multicomponent assembly head section

Can be made of stainless steel, painted or zinc-coated steel. Shoe types - standard, samozachitnaya gravitationally tension.