Industrial and energy building

The ELPROMPROEKT industrial company provides its own production of electrical equipment, in particular, is engaged in manufacturing low voltage panels Sivacon under license Siemens.

SIVACON elpromproektNKU SIVACON S8 - the new generation of complete devices for versatile and easy distribution of electricity in industrial plants, as well as continuous processes before 4000/7000 A.

The new design of switchgear has a number of advantages:

  •     Highest reliability through the use of components, fully type-tested
  •     Maximum safety for personnel thanks to constipation resistant to arc short-circuit
  •     High quality industrial design to fully integrate with the modern trends in the solution space
  •     Flexibility due to the possibility of placing the main bus system above or behind
  •     Efficiency by enabling the use of different methods of installation in one section
  •     Flexible adaptation of forms of internal separation to individual requirements
  •     Efficiency through the use of universal hinges to easily change the position of doors
  •     Economy due to the high efficiency of the ventilation system
  •     Flexibility with connection cable and tire top, bottom and rear

Standardized high-tech components can significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with investments in capital equipment. Modularity and intelligence of all components repeatedly justified by reducing operating costs and maximizing system availability.