Industrial and energy building

The ELPROMPROEKT industrial company works at the industrial area since 2007 year and also in agro-industrial area since 2012 year. 


ELPROMPROEKT LLC performs the next work: 

  • engineering of different kind of industrial facilities;
  • performance of full range of construction work for creation of industrial facilities, including design of modern grain storages and grain processing facilities;
  • installation of equipment and metal constructions;
  • manufacturing of electrical engineering equipment;
  • development and establishment of high- technology automatic control systems;
  • dealer agreements for the supply of equipment of the world's largest producers, such as Chief Industries,Inc.Brock Grain Systems (CTB,Inc.)Intersystems,Inc., Siemens AG.

All the construction and installation work are performed to strict compliance with the standards and legal requirements of Ukraine, and also according to the international standards.


ELPROMPROEKT LLC is a reliable partner today, performing its obligations efficiently and timely.

The basis of Company`s successful activity is a high level of professionalism and the regular control of the quality in realization of projects, providing of the healthy and safe working conditions for all employees, compliance with environmental safety norms.


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