Industrial and energy building

Constant growth of competition indicators, high rates in market changes lead to necessity to continuously modernize the equipment, to implement modern technologies. The Executive Board of the LLC “ELPROMPROEKT” understands that effective use of these resources is impossible without human factor that causes necessity to create conditions wherein worker would like to work with advantage for himself/herself and the Company.

Motivation system directly influences on employee satisfaction that, in turn, influences productive-economic operating rates. In formationof employee motivation and increase of self-expression level in work, social policy of the companyholds a specific place and assumes social security of workers, creates of optimum conditions for development of their career and personality, provides occupational and health safety.


Main objectives of social policy of LLC “ELPROMPROEKT”:

  • forming of participation feeling in development of the Company;
  • increase of workers labour efficiency;
  • social security of workers;
  • encouragement of workers initiative in solution of production tasks;
  • forming and maintenance of prosperous social and psychological climate in the Company;
  • growthof the Company image in the opinion of workers and society in general.


These goals are achieved by implementation of the following events:

  • LLC “ELPROMPROEKT” is constantly creating conditions for potential development of professional knowledge and skills of its employers and their advancement. Particular emphasis is made on personnel training since rapidly developing market demands constant exploring of new trends and technologies. The employers of LLC “ELPROMPROEKT” undergo trainingin Ukraine as well as abroad.
  • The Executive Board of the construction and assembly company LLC “ELPROMPROEKT” pays considerable attention to the issues of social security of personnel. LLC “ELPROMPROEKT” is among the few companies having trade union organization, the main task of which is representation and protection of social, economic and professional interests of the Company’s employers. The common aim of the activity of the trade union committee and management of LLC “ELPROMPROEKT” is set out in the Collective agreement, in which both each employer’s and  staff’s main rights and guarantees are legally enforced.
  • Development of financial aid and welfare benefits programmes.
  • Creation of comfortable conditions for work: upgrading the technical infrastructure and improving employers’ occupational well-being, making a business class car available for use.

Socially-oriented policy of LLC “ELPROMPROEKT” contributes to work conditions improvement, providing social protection for employers and corporate culture improvement