Industrial and energy building

Environmental policy is an important part of general corporate policy of LLC “ELPROMPROEKT”. Issues of environmental protection are priority in all activities of the Company.

The policy of LLC “ELPROMPROEKT” in the field of ecology corresponds to the operating system of ecological management meeting the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2004.

The Executive Boardof the Company takes the responsibility for implementation of environmental policy and focuses on the following tasks:

 - to make management decisions taking into account ecological aspects;

- to determine the admissible environmental objectives and tasks, to provide compliance with the changing conditions and data;

- to reduce pollution emissions and amount of wastesdue to implementation of new ecologically safe technologies, equipment, materials;

- to provide priority of energy conservation in their activity;

- to provide effectiveness of ecological management system due to planning, monitoring, corrective actions, implementation of the analysis and audit.

The purpose of developed policy is the maximum decrease in negative impact on environment as a result of activity implementations and service provisions.