Industrial and energy building


  1. Removable shaft head section
  2. Return rollers with overlays
  3. Roller Chain
  4. Sealers covers
  5. Removable shaft tail section
  6. Edged tail section
  7. Thrust bearing
  8. Abr. steel lining
  9. Sensor gathering / open circuit
  10. Heavy Duty Bearings

Chain conveyors and samozachistnye:

Durable and flexible conveyor system capacity from 1,000-50,000 bu / hour (1,360 mt / h) with the ability to bend up to 90 °. Options for conveyors - Reversible curved section, the section with bypass hoppers, intermediaries of unloading valves, different versions of the shell and lining abrasion resistant steel.

* Conveyor Intersistems can be performed with a series of horizontal and / or inclined segments as indicated on the right.