Industrial and energy building

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Camera designed for a complete distribution ustoroystv voltage 6 or 10 kV AC, 50 Hz with insulated or grounded neutral reactor through arcing.

Camera installed inside the premises. As the switching device in the KSO-393 can be mounted vacuum circuit breaker type ZAN1, ZAN2, ZAN5, Sion «Siemens» (Germany), as well as load-break switches and circuit breakers.

Main specifications and characteristics.

Name of the parameter Meaning
Rated voltage, kV 6; 10
Maximum operating voltage, kV 7.2; 12
Rated current of the main circuit, A 630; 1000
Rated breaking current kA 12.5; 20; 25
Thermal current for 3 seconds, kA 12.5; 20; 25
Isolation Normal GOST 1516.1
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V ~ 220 -220
Rated voltage lighting circuits, in -36
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 800h800h2400
Weight, kg, not more 350
Note: Thermal and electrodynamic stability of current transformers - according to their technical parameters.

KSO-393 manufactured in accordance with TU 31.2-35359577-001: 2009.

Camera teams of unilateral service KSO-393 Series

Figure 1: Dimensions of KSO-393 with a switch 3AH5 (Siemens)

  1. 3AH5 vacuum breaker,
  2. current transformers;
  3. line isolator;
  4. bus isolator;
  5. busbars;
  6. relay box;
  7. Drive disconnectors control;
  8. blockers;
  9. voltage transformers;
  10. TZLM;