Industrial and energy building

Manufacture of electrical equipment


ELPROMPROEKT LLC produces electrotechnical equipment using its own technology base , the latest design, the most advanced technologies and the best solutions :

  • KCO-393, KRU chambers with the application of SION or 3AH5 vacuum switches produced by Siemens;
  • KRU 0,4 кВ by the SIEMENS SIVACON S8 technology (license from Siemens);
  • low voltage panels 0.4 kv of light panels SCHO90 (light panels), SCHOS (light power boards), SHNVA (low-voltage facility cabinets) types etc. with the use of automatic fuses produced by Siemens;
  • PF corrections;
  • Operating systems;
  • automated panels of any configuration;
  • busbar bridges and current distributors of any configuration In up to 6 300 A and Un up to 35 kV;
  • “Retrofit” of active RU 6, 10, 35 kv (draw-out elements and relay spaces of switchgear and control gear cubicless, adaptation sets for steady-state performance switches – Single-end service assembled chamber, concrete cells).

One of advantages of our Company is existence of own accredited electric laboratory which allows to carry out a full complex of measurements and the electric equipment tests, necessary for object input to operation."