Industrial and energy building

Automated Process Control Systems (APC S)



ASU-TPThe ELPROMPROEKT industrial company is an accredited partner of Siemens. The Company introduces hi-tech automated process control systems, beginning from automation of control systems for separate processes (automated process control systems) and ending with the creation of comprehensive automation systems.

ELPROMPROEKT LLC is widely used the industrial complex automation systems SIMATIC, which allows to create the control systems of any complexity on the basis of standard components. SIMATIC industrial software is a system of closely interweaved instruments of programming and servicing SIMATIC S7/C7 automation systems and SIMATIC WinCC computerized control systems. These instruments contain the exhaustive set of functions necessary at all stages of development and operation of automated control systems:APC S

  • planning, design, configuration, and setup of hardware and communication system parameters
  • development of user software
  • documenting
  • testing and setup
  • maintenance
  • data archiving

Joining all software packages via a single interface ensures uniform fulfillment of all stages of work.


There is one of the effective way for energy saving - automation of fuel combustion processes in boilers.

ELPROMPROEKT LLC realizes the effective automated solutions for boilers and burners, and also provides the support to search the optimal combination of equipment for a specific system.


The industrial automated control and technological systems, that have been introduced on manufactures, provide the perspective for increasing the economic benefits by reducing the costs of raw materials and resources combined with the improving the production culture and the end products quality.